Psychedelic Surveys 2018

Please take part in our global surveys!

Imperial Psychedelic Research Group are proud to launch three new exciting surveys into the use of Psychedelics.

Please visit either The Psychedelic Ceremony Study, The Global Psychedelic Survey or The Microdosing Survey Study.

More information can be found at The Psychedelic Survey Website.

We’d appreciate it if you could share this to anyone you think will be interested.




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2 thoughts on “Psychedelic Surveys 2018”

  1. Wonderful blog and mind blowing information very educative i do own a psychedelic center where we do cure anxiety , depression ,Epilepsy , PSTD, and all forms of addictions and disorders as we do sell top quality products like mushroom , lsd , dmt , ibogaine so Im always happy learning from you would be visiting often

  2. I started to answer the “setting study” questionnaire because I have had significant psychedelic experiences that benefited my psychological condition, but flow state appears to me as a fuzzy concept.
    Could you please explain in more details the link between psychedelic states and flow state? That would help me answering the questionnaire.

    Many thanks

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