Are you having a psychedelic experience in the near future?

Are you having a psychedelic experience in the near future? Contribute to research of Imperial College London by sharing your experience in an anonymous online survey. Visit The Psychedelic Survey for more information.

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3 thoughts on “Are you having a psychedelic experience in the near future?

  1. Although I have signed up to say I will have a psychediclic experience in the future, I have just finished an lsd trip now (hour 13). The purpose of my use was to treat the depression that has been creeping up on me for some time. I can explain my trip, how it helped me to understand myself and to literally visualise my depression. It made me real side I am now ready for hypnotherapy to deal with what the ‘black’ depression is and what to do next. I feel the most valuable thing would be to have hypnotherapy, psychotherapy at about hour 5 of the trip.

    Happy to answer anymore questions with regards to how the trip affects me over the next week, month, three months etc if you would like to contact me I’ll be happy to provide help for the research.

  2. Hello, I am planning to take a 100ug dose of LSD this week. This is the first time I’ve taken the substance before. I was diagnosed with severe depression in February of this year and have begun psychotherapy to help with this. I will also start CBT this week which was recommended upon diagnosis. My hope is that LSD will enable me to see the depression objectively and perhaps become familiar with some of its roots and ways to navigate it. I will be sitting with two other people who will be taking 100-120ug and have experienced this before. Our intention is to meditate on the process and spend the day together to see what arises.

    I am writing this comment to you as I hope to help with your research in anyway I can.

  3. My name is Garry.I have been using LSD (truffles)every day for the last fortnight.I have bi;polar disorder,and asbergers.I have several different thoughts on what im doing,and why,the hell i have to do it illegally.Right now,i have to start work,so dont have time to go in to what i want to go in to,but would just say this at the moment.This drug has completely changed my life,in so many ways,all hugely positively!I find eye contact,(such a pivotal thing in life,but absolutely excruciating,normally,for me)so much easier now.I can look at people ,and smile at them!.I have to say i am getting slightly emotional writing this.I know this may seem like a very mundane thing to most people,but to me its huge,its everything..
    Anyway,i would greatly appreciatte,any feedback,from anyone.My email is ([email protected])
    Thank you.

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